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Airport Reopens In Mexico City: Skies Clear After Volcanic Ash Disruption

Airport Reopens In Mexico City: Skies Clear After Volcanic Ash Disruption

International Airport of Mexico City’s Benito Juarez started flight operations from where it was disconnected due to the interruptive activity of a volcano named Popocatepetl when ash was emitted from it. The flights were announced to resume at 10:00 am, but after ensuring the runway was clear, weather conditions were favorable for flight takeoff and landing operations. The announcement has been made that passengers must stay updated with flights from their respective airlines.

Airport sources confirmed that flight operations were stopped earlier on Saturday morning due to ash continuing to advance toward the runway. As it continued, the time was extended for two hours, but the whole staff worked out of the box to continue the flight operations by saving the runway from ash.

After 1994 when this volcanic emission started to take place, world scientists began to watch this volcanic activity, and cameras and sensors monitored it closely around the globe. Most of Mexico City’s people are threatened by the possession of the most exposed and active volcano. In the surroundings of the volcano, school activities stopped as this news broke earlier in the week.

After this situation, flight operations are totally suspended, but there is hope that the situation will soon come under control. For that, the airline’s professionals closely monitored the whole scenario, showing that they know the importance of being updated about flight information from the airport and airline staff.

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