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Angel Reese Net Worth: NBA Player Wealth Details 

Angel Reese Net Worth

Who is this personality named Angel Reese? Does the community who watches the NBA or loves basketball games know who Angel Reese is? Most fans still craze to know her wealth and Angel Reese net worth details. She is widely recognized, and her career is filled with outstanding achievements as a famous NBA player. That is why people other than her fans are keen to know about her wealth and net worth. So, read this article as it comprises all the details about Angel Reese net worth and wealth.

Who is Angel Reese?

Angel Reese is representing the LSU Tigers of the Southern Conference, and she also became a part of American college basketball as an iconic basketball player. The present Angel Reese net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $3 million. She was very touched by this basketball game from the initial stages of her life. She was too young to execute her abilities for basketball, which is why she learned many skills and information about the game, which helped her further develop into a more excellent basketball player. To turn her talent into an experienced one, she went to Saint Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland.

Angel Reese profession

She got the All-American McDonald’s honor back in 2022. After this achievement, she tried her luck and gave it a go by joining Saint Frances Academy High School to nourish her basketball game. Besides this profession, she performed other activities like track, ballet, and swimming. While serving as a basketball player in the crucial guard position for the Saint Frances Academy, Baltimore, Maryland, she remained there for almost four years. She served as a basketball player in 2020 by joining Maryland College and carried this legacy towards the end of 2022.

She also remained a past member of the LSU Tiger Women’s basketball team and now’s also a present member of the team. In the past, when she was taking her education in the higher school, she met her teammate named Nia Clouden. In her initial year of basketball games, she went on to score 11.1 scores, and the score of rebounds went to 11. She earned various crucial titles for her team at a young age. In this article, we will find out the net worth of Angel Reese in detail.

Angel Reese Career

On her debut, she defeated Davidson in the freshman season by making a record of 20 points and nine rebounds 94-72 by representing Maryland. On the 3rd of December, she went on to play the fourth match of the season against her rival named Towson, and in this tug of war, she received an injury on her right foot. Due to her injury, the team officials ignored her till the 23rd of February 2021. She left the bench after recovering from the foot injury she got.

Angel Reese Personal Life 

The mother of Angel and Angel remained a domestic basketball player and went on to play the game of basketball as a profession in Lexumberg. Before making her guard as a professional player, her father went on to fight for Loyola and Boston College. Angel also has a brother named Julian, who is older than Angel, and both of them are basketball players, but it was a coincidence to a certain extent that both played basketball games as rivals. As far as basketball is concerned, Michael Hopkin is also considered a professional basketball player. But the story of Angel goes to the contrasting side from that of her brother as she represented St Louis, Frances, and Maryland as a great basketball player.

Angel Reese Net worth

Angel Reese net worth recorded from different sources goes upto $3 million as she is known to be the greatest American basketball player. The basketball career of Angel Reese is considered the established and resounding one in terms of her performances in the nets. But the future is waiting for her to open her account of a professional career. At the very early stages of her life, she earned a credible amount in terms of Net Worth. She also named different titles to her name.

Angel Reese salary 

She represented the most famous basketball team, and this credit of taking the All-Metro honors from her first team, Baltimore Sun, goes to his brilliant gameplay. Angel got her name registered in the first team by recording points, averaging 17.6, and on rebounds, it goes to 12.1. It was not too far when she started her career a few years back, and since then, she has been considered the best basketball player in the community’s good books. The sources estimate his one-year salary goes up to $1 million.

Angel Reese Income Source

The crucial part of her income came from her career playing basketball with brilliance. But besides these sources, she also has a few references from which she earns a handsome amount.

FAQs About Angel Reese Net Worth

What is the exact Angel Reese Net Worth?

The exact figures of Angel Reese net worth we can put in terms of the present time is $3 million.

What is Angel Reese age?

She was born back in 2002, and as of now, she is in the 21st year of her life.

How much money does she earn in one year?

The news from the horse’s mouth reveals that her annual income is $0.02 million.

What is about her height?

She possesses a height of 6 feet 3 inches, and in meters, she is 1.91 meters tall.


The representation of a great American team and her brilliant performances took her to that stage where the world recognized her as a great and famous basketball player. Organizations like Forbes have conducted a survey, which suggests that Angel Reese net worth is $3 million, and the annual salary goes to about $1 million.

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