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Apple’s Vision Pro Headset: A Quantum Leap Beyond the Metaverse

Apple's Vision Pro Headset: A Quantum Leap Beyond the Metaverse

The “mixed reality” headset, the Vision Pro, launched by Apple, makes people wait anxiously for this to be launched, and the price which is displayed on its price tag is $3,499. This headset has a salient feature of HD clarity and high-class image quality. Inspite all the negative issues related to battery, it provides the best experience to the customers who use it.

Apple has been working hard for the previous seven years on virtual and artificial reality. Still, the launching of this Vision Pro is clear evidence that they are focusing even more on the problems and difficulties they had to face in the previous reality headset and the disturbance in the comfort zone and zone of orientation.

Apple company has very clear intentions that they will make a real experience reality that connects with the real world inspite of this that their users use the digital environment.

The users connected with the gaming world want to use augmented reality which takes them closer to the scenes of the real world where everything seems natural. Still, in another aspect which is virtual reality, many of the users, inspite of every possible facility, feel unconvinced. As having all these facilities, it is not considered to be the true picture of augmented, mixed reality devices. It looks like it is not close to reality; we are just experiencing something artificial.

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