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Billy Evans Net Worth: How Rich Is Elizabeth Holmes Husband

Billy Evans net worth

Are you aware of the name Billy Evans? Who is he, and how has he become a tremendous businessman in his life? Billy Evans is known to a large community, which is why people want to know about Billy Evans net worth and his personal life in detail. Billy Evans is a successful businessman and a rising entrepreneur that makes people think to learn more about his business life. Let’s look at his career, business, personal life, and net worth details.

Who is Billy Evans?

Billy Evan is famous due to his wife, Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes. The other reason for his fame is his business as an American Entrepreneur. His family has been working with the Evans Hotel group since 1953. Previously he worked for the self-driving car firm Luminar Technologies and Linkedin. According to a rough estimate, Billy Evans net worth in 2022 is $10 million.

Full Name William “Billy” Evans
Birthday 12th January 1993
Birthplace San Diego, California
Profession   Businessman, Entrepreneur
Wife    Elizabeth Holmes
Net worth$10 million

Billy Evans Early life

Billy Evans was born in San Diego on 12th January 1993. He was born in the family of Susan Evans and William “Bill” L. Evans. As they are involved in the Evans Hotel group, his father is managing the Evans Hotel group at present. This hotel was founded by his grandparents named, William and Anne, back in 1953. As per the present status, there are three properties that this family owns.

Those properties’ names are Catamaran Resort Hotel, Bahia Resort Hotel, and The Lodge at Torrey Pines. He is not only a single child of his parents as he has two other sisters as well, and the name of both the sisters are Gracie Evans and Rex Evans. One of his sisters, Gracie Evans, is known for his ability to influence social media. He got a bachelor’s degree in economics by attending MIT. After completing his degree, he moved to the Fudan University of China.

Career Details

Before he joined his family hotel as a manager, he gained some extravagant experience by working in different firms during his professional career. In November 2010, he worked as a student Brand manager for a firm name Red Bull which we can see clearly from his Linkedin profile. After this, he went on to do his duties as a Summer analyst at Altman Vilandrie & Company. He also remained attached to the Boston Consultant group as a summer associate. Billy Evans kept on working for more than one year on Linkedin and for half a year as a strategy and analytics leadership program analyst.

Before stepping into his family business, Evans worked on a key manager post for some crucial projects at Luminar Technologies. He spent two years there, starting in February 2017 and ending in January 2019. As of now, he is taking care of his own family business.

Bill Evans Family

According to the family’s sources, he plays a major part in his family business. His father, William L. Evans, owns this business as he is a strong and successful businessman. Going to his mother, her name is Susan Evans. Bill and his sisters were brought up in San Diego, California.

Bill feels comforted and remains happy in the company of his siblings and parents. It is also a fact that his grandparents had also enjoyed business life and were therefore known as great businessmen.

Bill Evans Net Worth

Bill Evans is living a happy and wealthy life in terms of hotel income. He is also fond of investing in different businesses or companies. Billy Evans net worth is calculated to be $8 to $10 million as of May 2023. Per their present status, he lives lavishly in San Diego, California.

How Billy Evans gained public attention?

He came to the spotlight when his wife, Elizabeth Holmes, faced trials in the court in 2021. He usually accompanied him and often sat behind his wife, experiencing the courtroom atmosphere. As he used to appear with his wife in the courtroom media started to make him their focus, and that’s why many media outlets tried to engage him to uncover the maximum details of his life and family background. 

Evans Hotel business

This Evan Hotel group is their family business, supervising four hotels in San Diego, California. The reason for the fame of these hotels is their commendable services and amenities which they provide to the visitors. The name of all four luxurious hotels are

  1. The Lodge at Torrey Pines 
  2. Catamaran resort hotel and SPA
  3. Bahia Resort hotel
  4. The Dana on Mission Bay

The specialty of the Five Star Lodge at Torrey Pines is a stunning view of the pacific ocean and its golf course. It consists mainly of 170 guest rooms, a gym, two restaurants, and a spa. The location of the Catamaran resort hotel and Spa is Mission Bay in San Diego. This resort is special for its Polynesian-themed rooms and tropical decorations. It consists mainly of 315 rooms for visitors and guests, a private beach, a spa, and a gym.


Is there any evidence of Bill’s involvement in Elizabeth Holmes legal troubles?

Bill didn’t give any media appearances, but he accompanied his wife during her difficult legal trials in the court for four months back in 2022.

What does Billy Evans do for his survival?

He is in a key post on the Board of Directors of the Evans Hotel group, under the supervision of which four luxurious hotels are operating in California.

Who is Bill Evans’ wife?

The name of his wife is Elizabeth Holmes.

Who are the parents of Billy Evan?

The name of Billy’s father is William L. Evans, and his mother’s kind name is Susan Evans.


Those who want to know about Billy Evans net worth and his income details have gotten the detailed answer about his wealth and family business. Evans reason for fame is his support to his wife during a legal trial that is also discussed in the topic. Read the article and learn about Evans’s different aspects of life.

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