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Blame Game on Twitter: MPJ and KCP Under Fire At Nuggets Loss

Blame Game on Twitter: MPJ and KCP Under Fire At Nuggets Loss

Denver Nuggets showed poor performance and suffered a disappointing loss of 111-108 to the Miami Heat in game two of the NBA finals on June 4. This defeat disheartened and disappointed fans, and they started blaming the players, and the most criticized players are MPJ (Michael Porter Jr.) and KCP (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope).

The criticism is due to these players’ poor performance in the game. Porter recently signed a five-year contract of around $180 million and scored only five points on three-for-fourteen shooting. Porter also had a poor performance, showing a plus-minus rating of -15, which indicates the team didn’t play to its maximum when he was on the court. Caldwell-Pope, who was a championship-winning Los Angeles Lakers member in 2020, contributed just six points and had a -14 plus-minus rating.

Some other factors also contribute to the criticism. The game is turned in such a way that Porter, who is known for his skills in three-point shooting,  has to struggle a lot to make shots from beyond the arc, even though he had many opportunities. On the other hand, Caldwell-Pope, known for his defensive skills, made questionable plays due to extra aggressive actions, which included fouling three-point shooters during major moments, which took the Nuggets towards loss.

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