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Canadian Wildfire Smoke:  Does a mask protect you?

Canadian Wildfire Smoke:  Does a mask protect you?

It is expected that the quality index of Canadian air is going towards improvement gradually at the end of the week, as reports are coming from the forecast bureau of NewYork that this horrible picture will clear soon. The pictures captured from the site surrounded by wildfire smoke have caused traffic visibility issues. The great George Washington Bridge is hardly cleared and visible; the major flight operations have crippled the LaGuardia Airport.

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The smoke coming from this wildfire is getting harmful to Canada. As it is uncontrolled, it is spreading along the coast of the United States Of America, gradually heading from Minnesota towards New Developed England and reaching up to Florida. Threats are warning for the millions of people who are inhabitants countrywide. Experts of Health suggest using face masks during this calamity of wildfire smoke which people used earlier at the time of Covid 19 pandemic, which ensures protection in this wildfire-smoky air.

Assistance Professor Marina Vance in the University of Colorado at program of Environmental Engineering has suggested using N95 masks for individuals badly exposed before this mild fire calamity in their homeland.

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