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Who Is The Ceo Of Adt? What Are His Wealth Details?


Who currently holds the position of CEO at ADT? Are you interested in learning more about this individual, including their wealth? Many are curious about this recognized individual and his achievements and career details. This article will comprehensively overview his financial success, net worth, and notable accomplishments.

Who Is The CEO Of ADT?

Jim DeVries remained a Chief Executive Officer, and he also remained the director of the company. He served this company in 2017 and 2018. In September 2017 was appointed as the president of the company. Back in 2018, the very next year, he was declared the Chief Executive Officer Ceo of Adt in December. Mr DeVries remained Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the past few years.

Going back in 2014 to onwards 2016, he served as a brand operation president in the company named Allstate Insurance, which is considered the second-largest personal lines insurer in the United States. During his job at Allstate company, Jim DeVries took the company operations organization into his hands, where 7000 employees worked in the United States, Northern Ireland and India. This firm was responsible for customer care centre outbound and inbound phone sales, procurement, technical support, life underwriting and claims, real estate, administration, and fleet management.

Career and Education

When he is studying at Trinity College, DeVries acquitted a Bachelor’s degree, popularly known as Trinity International University. He also got a degree of the masters from the University of Loyola. After this, he got a degree in MBA from the School named Kellogg Management at Northwestern University.

Before joining as CEO of ADT, Jim served a couple of years in different posts. He served as ADT president in 2017 and 2016 in the post of COO. Jim remained in the Allstate company for more than eight years, from 2008 to 2016. He also joined the post of Chief administrative officer as EVP, and further, he served and took care of operations as EVP. He remained principal of Principal Financial Group from 2000 to 2008. When he left the company, he was serving as SVP, HR. Jim also connected with management and executive roles in Andrew Corporation, Ameritech and Quaker Oats. He completed his degree of MBA from North Western University.


Jim DeVries became the Executive Vice President and Chief administrative officer of Allstate from 2008 to onward 2014. During this period, he was responsible for administration, real estate human resources, and procurement. Before joining Allstate in 2008, he worked in different executive and management roles in the Principal financial group. He also served in Ameritech, Quaker Oats and Andrew Corporation. Jim Devries is a member of the board of Amsted Industries Inc.

This company is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial components serving mainly the railroad, vehicular, Construction and building markets. He also remained on the post of a past member of the board of Chicago’s Human Resources management association. Public library foundation of Chicago, Boys and girls club of central lowa.

Jim DeVries Net Worth

As of today, Jim DeVries net worth is estimated at $27 million. He is the acting president and CEO of ADT Inc and owns a heavy share of 3,541,520 of ADT Inc, which is about $23 million. He is also in the post of EVP and Chief admin. Officer AIC in Allstate corporation owns shares of 42,963 Allstate Corp with stock worth $5 million. You can see details in Jim David DeVries latest holding Summary Section.

What is the salary of Jim DeVries?

When he was in the post of chief executive officer and director of ADT Inc, the total salary he took in ADT Inc was 9,343,260. After him, there was ni body on this post who excelled him in terms of salary.

Who Is The Current CEO Of ADT?

Timothy J Whall is currently occupying the position of CEO at ADT, who effectively fulfils his responsibilities. In addition to his role as CEO, Timothy J Whall is actively engaged as a board member within the company. He took the position of CEO of ADT in May 2016; he continues to hold this position with great proficiency. His ongoing dedication to his role as CEO has resulted in a commendable performance.


Jim DeVries serves as the CEO of ADT and has also been a diligent contributor to the Allstate Insurance company. He has gained high recognition and considerable wealth throughout his tenure at ADT. Jim DeVries’ success results from his dedication and commitment to his profession. As one of ADT’s accomplished individuals, he has fulfilled the CEO role for an extended period.

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