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Ceo Of Best Buy: Successful Tale Of Woman Achievements

Ceo of Best Buy

Women are the most important part of any country’s progress. There are some unique cases where women’s leadership rises to the point which is considered unique and amazing. As we are talking about the women part, it is completely unfair if we can’t talk about a lady named Corie Barry, Ceo of Best Buy, a famous business tycoon and a corporate symbol. She has made his way to management and analysis through immense exposure and hard work. She made those decisions as an American chief Executive to purchase something important that took her to the point where people consider her a famous and credible executive woman. To know her and their life in detail, read this article deeply.

As a successful buyer and a Ceo of Best Buy as a woman, Corie sets up new opportunities. This courageous statement matters a lot in terms of electronic retailers. She has spent a lot of time in the company, which includes a lengthy career comprised of hard work and management by retaining her position in the executive roles. But this is not what people ask about her; they are really into her personal life rather than her business life. Let’s explore all the details about the current Best Buy Ceo.

Corie Barry, Ceo of Best Buy Biography

Here, we will discuss the biography of the Ceo of Best Buy, Corie Barry. Firstly, we will put a light on her arrival in this world. The date is still to be disclosed, but the year of her birth is 1975, and she opened her eyes in Cambridge, Minnesota, United States of America. Both her mother and father remained part of the media industry as artists.

They attend different events and rituals, traveling all over the United States to showcase their talent and earn a respectable amount of money. As the personal life of the Ceo of Best Buy is concerned, she spent most of her time with her brothers and sisters, but more information is still covered about her.

Corie Barry Personal Life

The most important aspect of her life is her husband, Mike Lindell. Corie Barry spent the time of her growth in Cambridge, Minnesota, in a 5-acre piece of territory. The statement that he recorded unfolds that she learned the hard work trajectories and techniques from her parents, which became useful in her professional life, working on different key posts at a very early age. Corie’s parents have tried harder to change the world by bringing some betterments and developments. Her organic life was inspiring to some extent, but she did not manage to hold her stability further. 

She worked hard to bring strong support in her favor from the very early days of her life and even the time of her studies in college with the help of precise support. The only thing on her mind was ensuring that her dreams come true. She started to work at the very early stages of her life, and in return, she got excellent grades in school. She joins different clubs and sports teams to maintain her sports and curricular activities. These activities helped her stand on her decisions and possibly return her after personal investments.

Corie Barry education

While in the period in which she stayed in Minnesota back in 1993, Corrie Barry completed his studies at a higher level. Staying in the same city in Minnesota, she joined St.Benedict Joseph College immediately after her higher studies. After college, Corrie went on to graduate back in 1997, and besides this, she also completed his Bachelor’s in Accounting and Management. As of now, she is paying off in terms of services in the college. She also served on the board of directors for Domino’s Pizza beside this. Let’s know about the career of the Ceo of Best Buy.

Ceo of Best Buy Career

After completing her graduation and Bachelor’s, she entered practical life and began her work. She applied to the four major audit groups and got a job successfully in one of them named Deloitte and Touche. Corrie provided her services here from 1997 to 1999 onwards. She also joined a group named Best Buy in 1999 in December as a Financial analyst. In her presence in the company, he worked on several key posts like Manager, Portfolio Allocation, Manager, Business Team Finance, and Manager Financial planning and analysis. Corie served there from 2002 to onwards 2006. 

She also remained attached to another firm named Tertiary Finance and Field Services as an experienced and senior director. In 2010, she joined different groups like Home Customer Solution Group 2010, the key role of Vice President; in-home business, she served in 2012 in the important roles of Vice President, Chief Finance Officer, and Business Development. She has also served the company as one of the first female CEOs; she served for more than 20 years during her stay there. In the 53-year history of Best Buy, it didn’t happen before that a lady served a company as a CEO, but Corie has done it and done it in her style.

Corie Barry net worth

Corie Barry Current CEO Best BUY. How good and excellent has she done for the Best BUY net worth as a Chief Executive Officer? The survey conducted on her net worth in 2021 suggests that Corie Barry owns a wealth or net worth of $29.5 million. How much she earns? As the CEO of Best Buy, she has shares of the company named to her, and it is worth more than $17,561,698 in the previous five years; he sold the shares of BBY for more than $6,027,134. After all, Corie Barry salary beats everything, as she is working on both the designatory posts of director and CEO; therefore, the company gives her a huge salary of about $5,919,680.


Corie Barry, the current Ceo of Best Buy, is a symbol of a great businesswoman who has faced the ups and downs in life but is crippled by all the effects and becomes a successful business lady. She earned her primary education and then finished her graduation and Bachelors. She served several firms in her extensive career, starting back in 1997 towards now on. It is also her credit that she became the first lady to supervise the company as a CEO, as it has not happened in the 53 years of the company’s history. She has a net worth of over $29.5 million, and her present salary is $5,919,680. 

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