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Chasing the Throne: Excitement Builds as Mexico’s Gubernatorial Elections Draw Near

Chasing the Throne Excitement Builds as Mexico's Gubernatorial Elections Draw Near

The state of Mexico is witnessing its upcoming elections, with only 17 days left before the appointment of the new governor. Candidates met with each other before the elections, and they discussed Justice, security, employment, the economy, education development and the environment. Teo of the candidates participates in the second debate leading up to June 4 elections. 

Delfina Gómez, representing the Juntos Hacemos Historia coalition, which consists of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), the Green Party, and the Labor Party, is the current frontrunner according to polls. 

It will be her second attempt at governing the state; the previous one was in 2017. Still, she lost to the candidate Alfredo del Mazo from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, and Mazo became the governor. 

On the other hand, Alejandra del Moral is the opposition alliance candidate comprising the PRI, the National Action Party (PAN), and the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), and the common aim is to maintain the state’s long-standing government by the PRI. The prominent topic of the debate focuses on security, Justice, employment, education, the economy, education and the environment.

Mexico’s gubernatorial elections have gained prominence as they approach the decisive date. All candidates actively participate in campaigns and debates to show their presence on the platform and gain support from the voters. 

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