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China Buffet: Top 9 Hidden Gems You Must Try

China Buffet

Are you searching for a good, authentic variety of Chinese food? Then China Buffet is one of the best options offering various flavors and unique tastes. China Buffet has a lot of options to choose from, which will be hard for a foodie. Therefore, In this article, we make it easy for you by choosing the most delectable food items from China Buffet restaurant. The top 9 must-try dishes are as follows:

Must-Eat Menu Items of China Buffet (Top 9 Hidden Gems)

Suppose you visit a China Buffet restaurant and get confused about what to eat and what’s not because you have a lot of varieties. In that case, these recommendations from my side are a must-eat menu from China Buffet restaurant.

Hot and Sour soup

If you are looking for a delectable staple with several health benefits, then Hot and sour soup gives a mix of spicy and sweet tastes. This soup perfectly blends tofu, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and eggs. If you are a soup lover, this soup is a perfect choice, especially in winter, because it perfectly warms you up. 

Kung Pao Chicken

Another recommended choice from China Buffet restaurant is the perfect blend of the spicy and savory dish known as Kung Pao Chicken. This favorite Chinese Cuisine of many Chinese restaurants is made with chicken, vegetables, peanuts, and chili. 

Peking Duck

Chinese Buffet restaurant has a classic Chinese dish on its menu: Peking duck. Crispy from the outside and roasted flavor from the inside makes this duck recipe one of the best Chinese Cuisines. The basic style of Cuisine is the sliced piece of roasted duck with tender meat and crispy skin, served with thin pancakes. A savory sauce and some Julien cut vegetables to make it more delicious and lovable to eat. 


A dumpling is a powerhouse of Chinese Buffet restaurants and is popular among most people. You can make dumpling from meat and vegetable in a thin dough wrap that you can stream or fry according to your taste. 

You can select the ingredients according to your preferences, whether you choose beef, chicken, different vegetables, or seafood. China Buffet serves one of the best dumplings to their guests.

Spring Rolls

If you are a fried food lover searching for lightweight fried food, spring rolls are the best choice from China Buffet restaurant. Spring rolls are crispy and golden brown bread-like from the outside with tender meat, fresh vegetables, or seafood inside. This lightweight fried Chinese dish will be on your table with sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Mai Fun

Another Chinese Buffet restaurant specialty is Chicken Mai Fun, a perfect combination of soft, chewy, stir-fried noodles with tender chicken pieces, fresh veggies, and garlic. The food is shallow fried in a pan, seasoned, and served with yummy sauces.

Fried Rice

Do you ever try Fried rice in China Buffet? If yes, it is known that Fried rice is one of the most popular and frequently used cuisines. These fried rice are served with meat, vegetables, and egg and are a simple yet delicious dish for any occasion.

Chow Mein

It is a type of noodle people love to eat in China and other world communities. It is a stir-fried noodle with vegetables, meat, and sauce, perfect for lunch and dinner. China Buffet serves one of the most delicious Chow Mein food.

Egg Drop Soup

One of another simple and delectable soups that is served in Chinese restaurants is egg drop soup. It is mouth-watering as it is made from chicken broth and eggs. If you want a warm spoonful of comfort, you can start with this soup as a comforting and warming dish.

My Verdict On China Buffet Restaurant’s 9 Dishes

China Buffet offers varieties of dishes and flavors perfect for any Chinese food lover. From the classic Peking duck to the spicy Chicken Mai Fun, you will get everything related to Chinese Cuisine. So next time you visit a China buffet restaurant, try these top 9 must-try dishes.

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