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Choosing Presidential Candidate: Va Por México Implements Primary Elections and 150000 Signature Requirement.

Choosing Presidential Candidate: Va Por México Implements Primary Elections and 150000 Signature Requirement.

The 2024 presidential election has gained popularity, and so have the names that are not selected until now. The Va por México alliance, which includes the National Action Party (PAN), the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), is in a complicated situation as they can’t figure out one name as the presidential candidate. 

Under National Regeneration Movement (Morena) strong pre-campaign, the opposition alliance, under pressure, found a convenient method to select a presidential candidate and agreed on it. 

Internal Elections And Selection Process Details

To compete in internal elections, each candidate should get 150,000 signatures, which will be followed by filters such as polls and debates. The candidate who fulfills the requirements and performs the best will compete further. However, the final details of this selection process will still be disclosed on Monday.

Agreement Among PRI, PRD, PAN, And Civil Associations In Early 2023

PRI, PRD, PAN, and civil associations agreement was reached in the early months of 2023. In January, PAN took the responsibility of choosing the presidential candidate while PRI would handle the State of Mexico and Coahuila government’s June 4 elections.

After the elections, party leaders are renegotiating with different groups to decide on the method of selecting the presidential candidate. They have agreed to hold open primary elections, allowing citizens to participate. Candidates must meet specific criteria, including a favorable public image and recognition by the population. 

Signatures collected will form a voter list, indicating support for the coalition. Candidates with sufficient backing will participate in a “Great Exhibition Forum for Mexico” to present their ideas. Surveys will then be conducted to determine the most competitive candidates.

Citizen-Party Committee To Determine Primary Election Format

A citizen-party committee will determine the primary election format. Five forums are scheduled for the three finalists. A survey (50%) and a vote in 300 centers (50%) will decide the outcome. The ruling coalition members will be excluded from participating. The negotiations emphasized citizen participation, with differing opinions on closed or open primaries for greater candidacy legitimacy.

Signature Collection Sparks Debate And Concerns Over Cost

Signature collection has sparked debate, resulting in a significant reduction from the original proposal of one million signatures per candidate. However, concerns persist regarding the estimated cost of 20 pesos per signature, totaling 4.8 million pesos for the required amount. Parties are currently unable to declare pre-campaign expenses as the official campaign has not yet begun.

Concerns and debates arise over the selection method’s timing. Va por México members oppose signature requirements as a screening tactic. Cohesion within the opposition alliance is questioned. Deviating from legal terms could lead to disqualification or party registration cancellation. 

Morena has a provision for a “transformation coordinator” to advance a presidential replacement. The alliance lacks a similar condition. The PRI suggests the candidate be called the “national manager for the construction of the broad opposition front” to avoid future sanctions.

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