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Claudia Sheinbaum Enters 2024 Elections as Morena Candidate

Claudia Sheinbaum Enters 2024 Elections as Morena Candidate

Claudia Sheinbaum submitted her official registration papers on Friday evening in order to become a candidate and to collaborate with the Fourth Transformation defence committee. In a live event where the president of her nationalist party Morena Mario Delgado, was present, she handed over her documents to the concerned authority.

After giving a go at the registration form, Sheinbaum has put light on her preparations for what she will do about the people’s feelings and what they want from her, and she made her mind very clear about the 4th transformation with some different ideas.

Engaging Communities and Emphasizing Women’s Role in Transformation

As her speech goes on, she accepts that a large community of men and women are desiring of the 4th transformation and acknowledges women’s role in this regard. She showed her will to make tours of all the possible corners in her country and said she would also engage people in the corner meetings. The people chanting towards the president of her party tell her the story of the miraculous support behind her of the nation as well the party.

Sheinbaum also reveals her mind about the internal polling while reading the agreement that was signed between her and the party. The salient outlines of the agreement show how committed her party is to their resolution. She has read this agreement, as the other party members have done this before in the registration process.

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