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DD Osama: A Complete Biography Of Rapper

DD osama

DD Osama, born David Reyes on November 29, 2006, at the Brooklyn Hospital in New York City, is a promising young rapper making waves in the hip-hop industry. While initially aiming to establish himself on the hip-hop map, his aspirations have evolved into completing a musical journey not just for himself but also for his late brother, with whom he shared a common dream. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, DD Osama has managed to capture the essence and sound of drill music like few others, especially considering his young age of only 15. DD’s ability to deliver gritty and venomous bars at lightning-fast speeds has set him apart from his peers. It’s hard to believe that he only began rapping in the past year when you listen to his work. 

DD Osama Early Life:

Growing up, DD Osama experienced several moves with his Dominican family, but they mainly resided in Harlem until a recent relocation to Yonkers. Regardless of his living situation, DD considers the Sugar Hill area in Harlem his true home. His mother, Crimsley Martinez, worked in real estate, while his father, Eddie Reyes, had limited involvement due to their separation. DD’s stepfather played a consistent role in his life. Alongside his parents, he had three older brothers, two of whom also pursued rap careers, and a younger brother, Nadi, who followed in DD’s footsteps by entering the rap game.

DD Osama Education:

DD Osama attended Elementary School in Harlem before transferring to Middle School in Yonkers. He had a preference for English class, which was a refreshing change from the common answer of gym class. While he occasionally played pickup basketball or engaged in football matches with his older brothers, he realized his true passion lay outside of sports.

DD Osama Music Career:

DD Osama’s interest in rap music ignited his quest to find an activity he could excel in. Joining forces with his older brother, J Starbala, and younger brother, Notti Osama, he embarked on his musical journey. The trio set up a homemade studio in their grandmother’s place, and DD and Nadi continued recording music even after J Starbala moved out. Inspired by one of his favorite artists, Polo G, DD adopted his rap name by adding an extra “D” to his given name, David. Meanwhile, sharing the stage name “Osama” with his younger brother demonstrated their boldness and fearlessness.

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DD Osama released his first professional tracks approximately five to six months ago, gaining significant attention right from the start. His early hits included collaborations with Nadi, such as “To Tact” and “Dead Ops.” Tragically, just before the release of the “Dead Ops” music video, Nadi, also known as Ethan Reyes, lost his life in a stabbing incident. The devastating loss of his brother deeply affected DD, who paid tribute to Nadi on Instagram, expressing his sorrow and questioning why he had to leave. Despite the immense grief, DD found solace in creating music as a tribute to his brother’s memory.

In honor of Nadi, DD Osama continued to produce new music, releasing singles like “40s and Nines,” “Free Swindle,” and “Bonnie and Clyde.” His dedication to his craft is evident, with the artist consistently dropping new tracks almost every week. DD’s ultimate goal is to become a legendary music artist, carrying the legacy of his brother and achieving greatness in the industry.


DD Osama’s journey is still unfolding, and the future holds great potential for this rising rap sensation. With his brother watching over him from above, DD remains focused on leaving a lasting impact through his music. The story of DD Osama continues to inspire and captivate audiences, and we eagerly await his next moves on his path to success.

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