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Ebrard’s Game-Changer: ‘Andy,’ AMLO’s Son, to Lead Secretariat of the 4T

Ebrard's Game-Changer: 'Andy,' AMLO's Son, to Lead Secretariat of the 4T

Marcelo Ebrard opened the secret of creating a Secretariat of the 4th transformation while he was on tour on the 1st day to get the candidacy for the presidential form of elections. He further adds that the main purpose of establishing this secretariat is to ensure the movement flow and the objectives.

He showed his intentions very clearly by expressing his thoughts that he wants some new blood which runs this secretariat, and in his view, the best and most righteous person for this mission is the son of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and his name is Andres Manuel Lopez Beltran.

Advancing Infrastructure and Social Programming

While addressing the city of Mexico, Ebrard stressed the fact that the main purpose behind this creation of the secretariat of the 4th transformation is to carry out the left-behind legacy of Lopez Obrador and the companions who fought with him till the end.

The main concern and the focus of this secretariat are to give powers and strengthen the main projects related to infrastructure which make sure the completion of projects and extra benefits that can come out from this, for e.g. Dos Bocas Refinery, Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA).

He further explained that this would work for the promotion of the new projects targeting the development on the region’s level, and it will also work for the well-being of the community. His work expands the protection of social programming and promotes them to the next level.

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