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Elon Musk’s Twitter Shocker: Daily Tweet Limit Sparks Chaos and Controversy

Elon Musk's Twitter Shocker: Daily Tweet Limit Sparks Chaos and Controversy

There is a recent announcement from Elon Musk that Twitter is ready to implement some limits on the tweets and posts which a reader or listener on Twitter reads in a day. The limitations he is ready to apply are numbers such as these 600 posts per day for those who are using the unverified account and 300 for those who are using a new but unverified account. The number of seats increased to 6000 who are using verified accounts but have retaliated by the community group using Twitter. 

Updated Twitter Posting Limits for Accounts

He has to change his strategy by an update in the previous numbering. Now the newly prescribed list is 1000 Twitter posts per day as unverified accounts, the same as the last 500 for newly unverified accounts, and an increase of up to 10,000 for verified accounts. According to the sources of Elon Musk, these steps are being taken as per the emergency program in order to address the main problem of data hacking or theft. Adding to his statement, he said that he believes that AI companies are responsible for paying for the information or data they need from different platforms like Reddit or Twitter. Twitter has launched this program of charging to that consumer who wants open access to the API, which is commonly used by a community of researchers.

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