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Embracing Limitations: The Upside of Banning Google’s AI Chatbot Locally

Embracing Limitations: The Upside of Banning Google's AI Chatbot Locally

Companies and customers are impatient to make a step forward from others in this thrilling field. So this tug of war or AI Rush is like a race going at an absolutely fast speed. According to the latest expansion in the backdrop of Google’s delay in issuing its Bard Al chatbot in states of Europe, which is uttered as European Union(EU) shadows the defiance and difficulties hurdles in positioning Al technologies while submitting as private rules and regulations.

Concerns and Doubts

There are some concerns that are asked by the Irish Data Protection Commission to ensure and guard the privacy protection of the common people in the European Union as it is relevant to Google’s Bard Al Chatbot. In Dublin, Ireland, where Google’s European headquarter is registered, the manager from irish has this command to ask for a detailed explanation and for some impact valuation in relation to submission according to the rules and regulations of EU data protection. The news from the center is that Google has decided to postpone the program of Bard released in the EU. But opposite this, more than 178 countries are using this Al Bard from March onwards, especially in the U.K. and U.S.

The rules made under the observation of the European Union(EU) are very strict, generally known as the General data protection Regulation(GDPR), effective in 2018.

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