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Geno Smith Wife: Know Necessary Details

Geno Smith Wife

A large community is curious to know about Geno Smith Wife. Who is she? Geno Smith is a famous personality with great standing among his fans. That’s why fans are curious about every detail of his life, including the family. If you are one of his fans, this article helps you learn about Geno Smith’s wife better.

Who is Geno Smith wife?

His wife is Hayley Eastham, working professionally as an associate at Caldwell Casady and Curry PC. She is also known for her enthusiasm for solving patent disputes. She is so courageous as she fought for the rights of both students and children. 

As for as the students are concerned, she worked hard for their rights while staying at West Virginia University. She worked on different projects related to children just for their rights. That was when she became popular as a lawyer, filled with enormous skills. Most importantly, her marriage to college sweet fellow who has signed an NFL contract worth up to $150 million.

At home games at Seattle Seahawks, she often accompanied her husband where; people usually see him applauding her while sitting in the Vip area. Smith also gives the credit for his amazing gameplay to his wife, whether off or on the field. Both of them love each other as if GOD has created both of them for each other. Their relationship coincides with that of their careers.

Hayley Eastham

As we have discussed earlier, Geno Smith wife backs him as a strong partner through each thick and thin of life. It also shows from his tremendous gameplay. While addressing somewhere, Smith said his wife is a great source of inspiration. Both love each other and also have affection for each other.

How Hayley Eastham and Geno Smith meet

Both of them were students of West Virginia University when they started to know about each other, and afterwards, this matter changed into meetings repeatedly. Both met at the university for the first time. Seeing his love for sports, all students agreed that he would step into NFL immediately after completing his studies. While studying at West Virginia University, he succeeded in making many of the awards to his name. The most notable was First All-Big East in 2011 and before this second-team All-Big East in 2010. At that time, he was lucky as he was picked 39 overall pick category in NFL 2013 drafts conducted by New York Jets.

Geno Smith wife, Hayley Eastham, at that time, was studying law, and as a result, she got enrolled for an internship. We cannot judge or say about this couple how and when this tale of love started to grow between them, but we can say with immense certainty that they were in a strong friendship.

During all this happening, Smith had to make a way toward the NFL, but this wait couldn’t survive longer, and as a result, they both got married during the NFL offseason. The date on which they knotted into a marital relationship was 20th July 2015.

Hayley Eastham and Geno Smith Relationship

After surviving longer in this friendship relationship, they eventually married in July 2015. Eight years have passed, and they are still in a strong bond of husband and wife and enjoying life. Regarding the marriage ceremony, close ones from both sides were invited.

Do Geno Smith and Hayley Eastham have kids?

If someone asks about their children, he will take the answer yes. Geno Smith and Hayley Eastham have a kid name Seven Dantana Smith. Smith used to update the family pictures on and off social media. Their presence at players’ events and once at awards night took them to the media spotlight. Recently Smith has connected himself with Seahawks on three years contract. It is observed from this deal they are not going anywhere sooner or later.


Information related to Geno Smith wife is still a mystery, and people are too curious to search for her more. So this article will give you every detail of her life. We hope that this information will do for you.

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