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Goodwill CEO Salary: Know All Details

Goodwill Ceo Salary

What is this Goodwill, and who is the present CEO of it? Do you want to know about Goodwill Ceo Salary? The earnings of James Gibbons, who is serving as CEO, was $598,300 in 2017. The company disclosed this in the form 990, which they filed recently. This salary includes an additional compensation of $118,927; irrespective of whether it is digestible or not, the compensation of James Gibbon is ultra-high.

Goodwill Mission Statement

Goodwill is working with a mission to make the betterment in respect and enhancing the qualitative way of life for families and individuals to make the communities stronger and harder. It removes the hurdles while making benefit of the opportunities, helping them to reach their targets in full swing by learning and power of work.

Goodwill Vision Statement

Every individual staying with this can hold all the opportunities to their full potential; they can also participate and make their part in each segment of their life. So, the Goodwill Ceo salary is according to these responsibilities and participation.

Goodwill CEO Salary

Goodwill Values

  • Respect
  • Stewardship
  • Ethics
  • Learning
  • Innovation

Who is Goodwill’s CEO?

The annual income of Goodwill CEO is $ 1 million. We cannot judge whether this compensation comes from the effort he makes for the needy and the poor or some cause of the less fortunate segment of society. If there are great people, it also has an opposite side which questions the company about selling donations to some unknown buyers of the globe’s far and vast country.

The two personalities serving in the Goodwill industries on the CEO and President designatory posts are Steven Preston alongside Richard Cantz in Northern New England.

Mark Curran has nothing to do with the company as of present and in the past and has not owned even a single store. But his salary is worth mentioning as he has yet to cross any USA company CEOs in terms of salary, estimated at up to $800,000 annually. The company has a history in terms of its top-earning employer in Oregon. The surveys suggest that Goodwill paid $882,288 to its CEO in 2014, which is one of the top salaries of a CEO in Oregon.

His most excellent compensation in terms of salary is $409,028 and as additional bonuses, $179,686 for the retired life. Miller remained the second individual to whom the company paid the highest non-profit CEO in Oregon.

How much does Goodwill donate to charity?

All the income of this nonprofitable store is from the charity programs with its cost of operational tasks. For instance, we can understand that 90%of the payment is part of ST. Vincent DE Paul and Goodwill go to this charity work shown in tax returns.

What is the typical donation size?

Goodwill and the Salvation Army have been working on the same project since the 1800s. Both work for this purpose with completely different locations in the world. As both have the same trajectory, they maintain the prices at the lower level. Goodwill works with an exciting team of workers who own and run these stores and collect charity from the person. The Individual customer are the main sources of their sales as it comes as fifty and seventy per cent. If we talk about the Salvation Army, we know they have been connected with this business for the last 120 years.

The organizational work is spread far and wide with 3200 unique locations. Most work of these stores of Goodwill depends on donated cloth classification, removing mildew-laden items, and taking usable and cleaned items from the no longer unused items.

What is the Goodwill Ceo salary?

There is a lot of speculation on the internet about the salaries of the CEO of Goodwill, but most of it is not valid. The present CEO of the company is Steven Preston.

The news from the center is that no CEO of Goodwill has yet crossed a million-dollar list which is also news from their website. The CEO of the Goodwill industry also has an additional responsibility of Goodwill Industries International, which is answerable to the volunteer board. It is uneasy and challenging to count Goodwill Ceo salary.  

From its operations beginning, it earned $2.3 million per year, which Edgar started. J.Helms.Form 990 suggests that 88% of the income budget is adjusted for charity programs, but as of this year it averages up to 86%. Going back to 2017, the salary of the Goodwill CEO has gone up to $598,300.Gibbon, the other CEO, received $118,927, totaling $718,227.

Highest-paid charity CEOs

The top designatory posts of executives in various charities earned more than $1 million as of one year. But as the compensation of charity CEOs is concerned, we can see a difference gradually from sector to organization. The universities and hospitals came in the criteria of the non-profit organizations paying more salary to their CEOs rather than donating to charity programs. The $1 million salary option is just for for-profit organizations as the non-profit firm needs to meet the requirements. It is mainly watched that large public charities prove costly when we try to make things.

The non-profit has a benefit as it comes with the helping cause of the communities, and this cannot be managed by a CEO who is highly paid on his side. It was the year 2007 when ahead of the worldwide division of the Milken Family Foundation, embraced a $1 million.

He stood on the list of three chief executives who tried his best not to go for a raise in 2008. But this salary is six times greater than the figures in arts.

In 2007 Goodwill Ceo salary was $195,000, which after further advancement went to $970,768 back in 2008, which didn’t go beyond Michael Kaiser’s $2 million salary of 2008.

Does the Goodwill CEO Salary is equal to a million dollars?

As discussed earlier, it is a complete non-profit firm, and every executive post is answerable to the volunteer board of directors. As a comparison here, the CEO posts earn more than the profit organization CEO, which in terms lower in the capacity for a non-profit organization.

Instead of this difference, the Goodwill Ceo salary still stands tall and high compared to the wages. For e.g.in Southern Oregon, the salary goes to $ 18 million a year for a CEO with hundreds of employees under his supervision.

The salary matters of a firm’s CEO come under the organization’s board of directors. When revenue is collected, this salary is revised based on services provided to their customers with a thorough impact on the local economy. Per the quarterly reports of this non-profit Goodwill organization, they locate 88 %of the cash budget on programs. In those years, $31 million was spent on charity.

Common FAQs

How much does Goodwill pay their employees?

Companies give them a smaller amount.

Who is the highest-paid charity CEO?

The figure who earned more as a nonprofit CEO is James Skocksbergh of Advocate of Aurora Health.


Goodwill is a non-profit organization collecting charity for needy people under challenging scenarios. The Goodwill Ceo salary is more than any of the CEOs in the world of profit organizations.

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