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Ja Morant’s Destiny Awaits: NBA Ruling Post-Finals, Confirms Adam Silver

Ja Morant's Destiny Awaits: NBA Ruling Post-Finals, Confirms Adam Silver

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is waiting for the conclusion of the NBA Finals because he has to take a decision against Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies in disciplinary actions. Ja Morant was suspended as a result of a recent viral video on social media in which he was brandishing a firearm on the 14th of May. He has made this mistake earlier and met with different league officials, including NBA, for being suspended from eight games on a trot in March.

In his annual news conference, Silver told that either it is a matter of some individual act or Ja Morant has some distributing act, and we will take necessary actions before going into any disciplinary decision-making.

Unfolding the situation, the commissioner briefed that we have the confirmed information of the acts, but it will be totally unfair to announce before the NBA comes to an end.

Silver expressed some serious attitude towards Ja Morant even though they were lenient in deciding on 8 games suspension. He shows some hope in the conference that in the company of teammates, efforts made by the players association will result positively while moving him forward in the future game plans.

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