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Joel Dahmen Net Worth, Career Earnings, PGA Tour And Personal Life

Joel Dahmen Net Worth

Joel Dahmen is an excellent golfer whose fan base is experiencing the Netflix Series known as Full Swing, where we can search for his wife regarding details, the net worth of Joel Dahmen, career rankings, and the PGA Tour. 

We can see the story of Joel Dahmen on this Netflix Series named Full Swing, through which his fans were moved, mainly by his fighting spirit with fatal disease cancer and death of his mother. He is a great superstar as we experienced the traffic of Google skyrocketing to 2000 immediately after he came to the scene. Here, we can learn more about Joel Dahmen net worth, PGA Tour, Career, etc. 

Joel Dahmen Life Overview

Netflix SeriesJoel Dahmen is featured in Full Swing, where his life story, including cancer survival, is depicted.
Personal LifeA philanthropist who loves reading and outdoor activities.
Fought and survived testicular cancer in 2011.
Joel Raised awareness about cancer.
Net Worth (2023)Net worth reached $11 million through the PGA Tour and endorsements.
Earned $1 million on average per season from 2017-2018.
Victories in events like the Corales Puntacana Championship, U.S. Open, and PGA Championship.
EarningsJoined the PGA Tour in 2017, and earned $10 million.
Won one tournament.
EndorsementsPartnerships with PXG, Travis Mathew, MGM Resorts, MD Anderson, Titleist, True Linkswear, and Mutual Omaha.
Prominent Deals contribute significantly to his income.
HouseLives in Clarkston, Washington, U.S., with wife, son, and a dog.
CarsPorsche 911-Gtt3 and Ford Raptor Pickup Truck.
Charity WorksStarted charity work in 2019 with the Dahmen Foundation.
Focus on cancer care, research, and assisting families in need.
Donated $100,

Joel Dahmen’s Personal Life

Joel Dahmen is not only famous as a specialist in golf but also registered his efforts as philanthropy. He is not just a golf professional; he also loves activities like reading books and outdoor activities like fishing. He connected with the Seattle Seahawks and has a huge fan base. As far as his life is concerned, we experience Joel Dahmen fighting with a fatal disease known as Cancer. 

It was 2011 when a team of doctors and health experts revealed Joel had testicular cancer. After treatment for an extended period, he became a survivor of Cancer and defeated this disease with enormous effort and courage. After this fight with cancer, he initiated and raised his voice regarding the awareness of cancer.

He took the next step and married his best friend, Lona, after a long-term relationship in 2019. The main issue for us is Joel Dahmen’s actual net worth. So, here we have to dive deep into Joel Dahmen’s net worth and wealth details. 

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What is Joel Dahmen Net Worth in 2024?

The net worth that Joel Dahmen earned during his connectivity with the PGA Tour with his commitment and consistent performance. He made a specific amount reaching  11 million, and from 2017- 2018, he is on the go with the collection of $1 million from one season average.

The life income he got from Corales Puntacana Championship Victory was $ 666,000. Besides this, he also embraced famous victories and stood firm mainly in events like the U.S. Open and PGA Championship. 

So far, from what we have read in this article, we will experience that the net worth will increase over time. This mainly includes the firm deals and endorsements with huge gigantic groups like PXG, Travis Mathew, and Titleist.

The natural shape of the agreement is still under observation regarding its addition in terms of value. But one thing is maintained: these deals matter the most when we experience his net worth shaping up in a unique style. There is hope from the community that, with having a fan base like this and continuous victories in golf, the value of Joel Dahmen will increase more in the near future. 

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Joel Dahmen Earnings

It was the year 2017 when he connected himself with the Golf PGA Tour, where he earned a handsome amount. He also added a vast amount of 10 million to his account. Until now, he has won only one tournament on his credit, earning a specific amount from this. He gave away seventy percent of his time for several other career tasks. 

Joel Dahmen Endorsements

Dahmen shook hands with diverse sponsors, and through them, he brought a vast part of wealth to his income which was only the credit of major tournament victories. The primary and famous sponsors to whom he came in contact are a firm which provides golf equipment famous as PXG; Travis Mathew, which is a clothing brand; MGM Resorts International, which is a hotel company; MD Anderson, which is also known as a centre where cancer is treated. Golf Ball maker Titleist True Linkswear is a golf shoe brand, and Mutual Omaha is regarded as an insurance company. 

We have not yet come across some details on the larger picture. The details about his finance, deals and plans endorsement are yet not open to the common public. But still considered an essential partner of the net worth that Joel Dahmen possesses. Dahmen embraces several options for his income, and he registered his name as a most compact and promising player on the golf PGA tour. 

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Joel Dahmen House Details

We don’t have any information about where Dahmen lives or his house; he lives in Clarkston, Washington U.S., that is what we know. Besides this, his wife Lona, his son and a dog also live there. 

Joel Dahmen Cars Details

We need more information about Dahmen, but we know some about his cars as one thing is crystal clear that he is fond of fast cars. In his statement 4th, during an interview with Golf Digest, he revealed that he has a Porsche 911 GT3, which is a speedster. He added to the statement that he is in the habit of driving a Ford Raptor Pickup Truck. 

Joel Dahmen Charity Works

Dahmen and his life partner, Lona, started the work regarding charity in 2019 under the strong supervision of the Dahmen Foundation. The basic purpose with which this foundation operated was to ensure the availability and assistance to organizations that have their objective revolve around cancer care as well as research. They also had their target of helping those children and families that were facing hardships. 

This foundation also donated a considerable amount of $100,000 at the same time to two organizations named as MD Anderson Centre and Ronald Mcdonald House Charities.

To get with the latest research and developments in cancer, he held several golf events for a charity collection, as he has been doing all this since 2014. He also has a good name for donating huge amounts to several charities. Afterwards he came up with various initiatives in terms of charity throughout his whole career. 

Joel Dahmen Professional Career Details

It was 2010 when Joel Dahmen shifted towards pro and initiated his mission with the tours with lower-scale events. Before making his entrance in the web.com 2014 tour, previously he played for a few years in the Canadian tour. After completion of the tour  in the Web.com Tour Championship, Dahmen succeeded in getting his PGA Tour Card. 

He took his first victory back in the year 2021; from that time, he has been considered a proper and consistent player in the PGA Tour. Moreover, he has a solid fan base as his personality is very humble and a commitment and focus regarding his game on the grounds.

Dahmen had no concern whatsoever when he took the reward of his top stand in this golfing world. Even though he faced a strong case of cancer disease and at present, he is advancing to something unique and impressive in his life.  

Joel Dahmen Amateur Career

At the time of his school, he was more than a classy golf player; he developed his habit of winning green courses regularly. When he succeeded in winning two state championships at Clarkston High School. After school, he also continued his game of golf at the college & University of Washington in a Seattle year. 


This journey of Joel Dahmen’s encompasses from the time they started as a promising golfer and goes towards consistency as a performer regarding PGA. The tour he got is a solid proof of touch inspiration. The Netflix series Full Swing comes with an entire focus on his efforts. It mainly involves an intense fight not only against a fatal disease like testicular cancer but also against losing his mother. 

Having all these challenges in place, the commitment and resistance from Joel Dahmen show his commitment to raise cancer awareness. It clearly reflects his unusual and admirable personality.

The roar of Joel Dahmen net worth is just a credit to his excellent performances, essential and central successes and strong endorsement with famous brands such as PXG, Travis Mathew, and Titleist. 

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