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Lee Corso Salary: Know Necessary Details

Lee Corso salary

Do you want to know about Lee Carso Salary, a well-known sportsman and renowned former coach and sports broadcaster? People want to know about Lee Carso salary as he earned a lot of money in his career. Therefore, we will discuss Lee Carso net worth, his salary, and how much he earns in one year in detail. 

Who is Lee Corso

Lee Corso is a former football coach who is in service as an analyst on ESPN, and besides this, he is also a sports broadcaster in America. From the beginning of ESPN’s College Gameday Programme in 1987, he retained his position as a featured analyst. From 1969 to 1972, he worked as a head coach of football at Louisville University.

Afterwards, he moved to Indiana University Bloomington, where he continued his services from 1973 to 1982 and, in the next year, 1984, Northern Illinois University, which is a compiled record of his coaching football college career of 73-85-6.In the next year, 1985, he served as a head coach in the United States Football League for the Orlando Renegades’ side, leaving the mark with 5-13.

Personal life

He was born into a family that migrated from Italy to the United States, and their sweet names are Father Alessandro Corso and Mother Irma Corso. Lee opened his eyes to Alessandro’s family on the 7th of August 1935 in the Lake Mary city of Florida in the United States.

He is Leo by birth and used to celebrate his date of birth on this day. World War I was the main cause of his father’s migration from Italy when Lee Corso was 15 years old. His father was attached to his duty as a laborer who laid the terrazzo flooring, and he received second-grade education. His mom takes the fifth grade of education. She worked at different schools at different times, boarding schools, and cafeterias of different schools.

Lee Corso Education

Corso enrolled in the Miami Jackson Senior High School in Miami, Florida, where he played quarterback for his team. After watching his vision of basketball, Brooklyn Dodgers tried to make a contract with him as a shortstop, and in return, he was offered $5,000 as a handsome bonus.

Instead of all this, he chooses college as per preference. He played both sports, football as well as basketball, at Florida State University (FSU), where he met his roommate Burt Reynolds who was a multi-talented personality. Moreover, Reynolds was an actor and besides this, he was also a player of football. On the other side, he met another personality, Ron Fraser, a baseball coach at the Future University of Miami.

Lee Married life

Lee was married back in 1956 to a lady name Betsy Youngblood. From this marriage, Corso had three sons and a daughter; as per additional note, he also had ten grandchildren.

Lee Corso salary

Lee Corso salary averages from $130,106 to $228 488, which he earned as a football analyst and broadcaster in ESPN Sports. But in addition to this, these amounts kept changing as per the employee’s seniority level. We have no idea what the present digits of his salary are, but as we receive any updates about him, we will inform the concerned community.

How much does Lee Corso earn per year?

His approximate annual income is $54,000 after distribution, it goes to $19 per hour, and daily, it goes to $1140 and 0.3 as a second income.

Lee Corso net worth

His main source of income came from his services in the sports television industry. His net worth is $12 million as a sports broadcaster in America. In the off-season, he start his career as  director of business development at Dixon Ticonderoga, a pencil company in Florida. He started his career as a student at Florida State University, becoming famous as a defensive player for his team.

He graduate from Florida, take a bachelor’s degree in physical education from where he started his coaching career. In the beginning, he started working for the University of Maryland. After this successful work as a coach, Corso was rewarded for being a coach of his very first professional team, the USFL Orlando Renegades.

Real estate 

According to the given assets, property, and land records, he has a house named Lake Mary, Florida, with a wide open 5500-square-foot lakefront. His house contains five bedrooms and six bathrooms with an additional dock, a swimming pool, and a home theatre.


Lee Corso Salary increases as per the upgradation of his job, and his salary and net worth prove his dedication and passion towards his profession. Furthermore, no one can deny Lee Corso’s love for his job and sports, and he also gains immense popularity throughout his career as well.

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