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Longshore Talks Rebound: LA, Long Beach Ports Resume Negotiations

Longshore Talks Rebound: LA, Long Beach Ports Resume Negotiations

The port sources gave confirmation that the temporary blockage had been sorted out at the Los Angeles port, which was caused due to the lack of workers by the longshore company. Now the field operations are in a smooth position after the staff level has gone above normal numbers. The negotiation that was cut down on the 1st of June now resumes from that point on the 6th of June. These talks were held between three port stakeholders, Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and warehouse union (ILWU).

Health, Wages, and Terminal Automation in Focus on Contract Talks for West Coast Ports

The conference was held to resolve the issue of contracts of more than 22000 dock workers of 29 Ports on the West Coast. The talks had been going on for the previous 13 months, and the key topics under discussion were talks on health, wages, and automation of various terminal causes.

So as talks are going on, there is an improvement in the ongoing operation at the Los Angeles, Oakland, and Long Beach ports. The ongoing operations have been slowed due to the ILWU action of work in different ports like Seattle and Tacoma PMA resources confirmed. The previous blockage of operations on the Port of Los Angeles was due to the lack of workers from the dock firm who is responsible for every action going on at the port in the shape of loading, securing, and unloading. But after this mess, the situation is under control, and work is underway at these twin sites of the port.

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