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Lost at Sea: Search for Missing Titanic Tourist Submersible

Lost at Sea: Search for Missing Titanic Tourist Submersible

A grand search operation and rescue activities are going on in the mid of the Atlantic when a submarine with five members falls to the destruction of the Titanic, losing control. The submarine lost contact with the shipyard office almost one hour and 45 minutes ago from the missing location. A very known and famous personality of the U.S., Hamish Harding, a business tycoon and a billionaire with four other members, was present at the ship at the time of losing contact.

All the authorities considering the circumstances, including the American Coast Guard, the Navy of Canada and other commercial authorities related to the deep sea and, most importantly, the government agencies, are involved in this massive and important operation still underway in search of the missing persons.

The Search Area and Challenges

The area where the ship has the last contact and area of search has a distance of 435 nautical miles, which is exactly 700 km from the south location of St John’s. One thing which is The biggest hurdle is the Newfoundland area which is inaccessible from every point of view. One of the U.S. officials, Adm John Mauger from the Coast Guard, stated that there is only a reserve of three to four days of oxygen present for the submersible crew.

The chances are going fade to search the missing submarine as the time is going out of reach, and the radio signals and Gps tracking system underwater have also gone weak to a certain extent which is the big hurdle in the rescue operations.

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