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Malaria Cases Spark U.S. Health Alert in Florida and Texas: A Growing Concern

Malaria Cases Spark U.S. Health Alert in Florida and Texas: A Growing Concern

This is the first time ever in two decades of time that a disease is spreading by a mosquito biting in the state of United States Of America, which is some warning from health-related officials, which is clear from their recent statement that the no of cases of this malaria disease is spreading in Florida and Texas, which has transmitted here by local locations.

An inspection is carried out as per the danger of multiplying this disease. (CDC) Centre for Disease Control, the concerned authority, has stressed that malarial disease contraction here in the U.S. is not to that extent of danger level.

Transmission of Malaria

They further added that this disease called malaria spreads when an infected mosquito bites a person. Still, they unfold saying that all five patients from both cities are recovering speedily after the treatment. This disease does not have a multiplying capability within the individuals. Therefore the mosquito becomes infected as they come in contact with the person carrying a disease from where this transmission cycle goes beyond the level of danger.

It is a reported conclusion that malaria transmission is strongly prevalent in those Asian, African, and South American regions, which have a large spectrum of surrounding areas but are not present in the U.S. on a larger scale. Those regions have a risk of danger where mosquitoes pass there most of the time in a year as per climate changes and also on that sight where a passenger moves after coming in contact with the infected mosquito. 

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