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McCarthy: Productive Debt Ceiling Meeting with Biden No Deal Yet

McCarthy: Productive Debt Ceiling Meeting with Biden No Deal Yet

Another meeting was fixed for Monday by President Biden and House Keeper McCarthy, and it was held on Monday evening at the White House to discuss the debt ceiling issue.

McCarthy shows his optimistic approach and states his intention to meet and communicate with President Biden until a deal is reached. According to him, everything is still under discussion, and nothing is being finalized, including work requirements for assistance programs like food stamps.

McCarthy also emphasizes reaching a bipartisan agreement that can gather support from Republicans and Democrats. He also describes that meeting is productive, focusing on identifying disagreements and exchanging ideas rather than making major progress.

Biden also shows his opinion and refers to the meeting as productive in his statements.At the start of the meeting, both President Biden and McCarthy agreed that default is not an option, and they emphasizes the importance of lowering the federal deficit; however, Biden emphasized the need for Congress to address tax loopholes.

McCarthy emphasizes that while both have disagreements, they agree that the U.S. debt is too large. McCarthy informed the journalists that the debt ceiling became off the desk, despite the fact that no deal become reached at the closing minute.

He defined that an easy debt ceiling bill would no longer pass in the Senate or the House, so pursuing it might be a waste of time.

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