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Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft Partnership: Test ChatGPT in Mercedez

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft Partnership: Test ChatGPT in Mercedez

Both groups, named Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft, have joined hands together to install artificial intelligence software, which Microsoft generates in the car named Mercedes-Benz in the United State Of America. This software installation ensures that voice-command capacity can reach up to its maximum in these Mercedes-Benz cars, and it becomes easy to connect to the car more fluently.

Improved Voice Command with Chat GPT

With the addition of Chatgpt in the Mercedes-Benz, the drivers have the facility to utter words like “Hey Mercedes,” which follows these words “with Chat GPT ”.This chatbot function in the Mercedes Benz allows the system for execution of different conversations like humans talking to someone or some natural or closer to reality. This additional function in the Mercedes Benz allows the software backing system to reply to a large number of requests that are asked, even if it does not have any relevance to the driver or the car. It’s up to the driver what he wants to ask, either some inquiry about the food recipes or to have a plan of going to any destination.

Integration with other applications

This is also one of the salient features of ChatGPT that it can connect to some other apps, which permits you to get a movie ticket from the cinema or get a booking of a restaurant to enjoy delicious food. The potential of Chat GPT is important to make the experience of the user better than before. 

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