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Meta Unveils Groundbreaking VR Subscription Service at Just $7.99 per Month

Meta Unveils Groundbreaking VR Subscription Service at Just $7.99 per Month

A new games subscription service VR is introduced by Meta, known as Meta Quest+. The announcement was made by the company in their latest blog post about this subscription which can cost up to the expenditure of $7.99 per Month and the cost comes annually $59.99. Meta has introduced an astonishing but limited period offer in which the subscribers have to pay a fee of $1, but for those who signed up for this app before the 31st of July. As per the relevance of this offer with the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and Quest Pro, it provides suitable services at the time of its launching later this year.

Exciting Meta Quest+ VR Subscription

As the suggestion of the metablog posting is concerned, there are awesome offers related to VR’s collection of popular titles provided by the Meta Quest+ through which you have a chance to expand your VR library with some different content. Hidden gems and classic games are those sources which help you in this expansion of your VR Library content. With the help of this app, the subscribers attached to this Meta Quest+ can engage and save two titles on average per Month, which resembles the services of PlayStation Plus. Therefore it is recommended that it works the same as that of the PlayStation Plus in which you can save the games to access them, but so long as you have maintained a proper subscription to Quest+.

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