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Microsoft Big Announcement: Windows Copilot AI-powered assistant

Microsoft Big Announcement: Windows Copilot AI-powered assistant

Microsoft has made a big announcement in which they introduce a new AI-powered chatbot called Window Copilot that appears on the Home screen of computers that have Windows 11. 

Like  Cortana, Microsoft’s new virtual assistant, Windows Copilot is also accessible from the taskbar and has a chat-based easy interface. You can integrate it with several apps, allowing users to launch applications like Spotify, teams, Adobe, and other computer settings while using chat features in a sidebar on the screen.

Window Copilot’s major goals are to be a central AI assistant that is used to assist users with tasks, customization of settings, and unlimited connectivity across their favorite other apps. You can rewrite and summarize pasted text or documents and get explanations for completing tasks. 

You can add  2,000 characters of text and get the output of your choice through this incredible AI chatbot. Integrating the Bing search engine and ChatGPT (an AI language model developed by OpenAI) plugin enhances the capabilities of Window Copilot.

Developers of different apps have the ability and opportunity to integrate their apps with Window Copilot to make them more convenient and easy to use for users. Microsoft also plans to offer a preview of Windows Copilot for Windows 11 users that started in June. This announcement follows Bill Gates’  statement that the winner of the AI chatbot race in the tech industry will be the company that develops the best all-purpose AI agent.

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