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Musk Applauds China’s AI Dominance, Raises Alarm on Tech Hazards

Musk Applauds China's AI Dominance, Raises Alarm on Tech Hazards

The Chinese traditional regulatory agencies have conducted a virtual conference under their supervision in China in which Tesla Inc  CEO Elon Musk presented his optimistic viewpoint in a repeat about the upcoming future, influenced by Robots. He stressed and showed his concern about the progress of this program at a faster pace adding more to it, he says that it is necessary to supervise the inaccuracy of the development of this artificial intelligence(AI).

Musk has reassured the competitors to provide them with those services through which Tesla has gained self base achievements as China has made tremendous efforts in this field.

Musk’s Vision: China’s AI Dominance and the Future of Automation

During the conference, which lasted for two days, Musk focused on the AI vision of China in his all-important speech. Musk reaffirmed his strong connection with that of the world’s second-largest economy. The previous month, his trip ended in China when the Pandemic started. On his tour of China, he visits the Shanghai facility, which has credit for producing half of Tesla’s products that circle the globe.

While briefing, Musk showed his belief that we will launch fully automated power technology at the end of this year, which has a futuristic vision of exceeding the robots in comparison to the human. He further said that he has a firm confidence that China is the country that has the credentials to lead the world in the AI area, which has the potential to shape geopolitical and future economic dynamics.

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