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Neutral Uniform Gets Approval From Congress In Mexico

Neutral Uniform Gets Approval From Congress In Mexico

The Congress of Mexico City has approved a modified version of the initiative to reform various provisions of the Education Law in the capital. They introduce an approved modification, and that is the inclusion of a neutral uniform policy in educational institutions.

A neutral uniform allows students to choose whether they wear a skirt or pants in basic education. The best thing about this reform is that they do not have to come under restrictions or face any consequences for not complying with the local school dress code. This brilliant reform gives students the freedom to decide how they want their uniform to be, allowing girls to wear pants and boys to wear skirts if they are comfortable with it. 

The approval of this reform is a memory of celebrations by members of Congress as a recognition of the human rights and freedoms of all children in the city. Deputy Marisela Zúñiga Cerón highlighted the importance of respecting students’ choices regarding their clothing.

The discussion on this topic started in 2019 when some high schools decided to wear skirts instead of pants in Mexico City. 

This news spread on social media and reached the higher school authorities to solve this issue. Parents give suggestions to respect children’s clothing choices and allow them to wear school clothes that are comfortable and easy for them.

Implementing this uniform policy gives surety that girls can wear pants for comfort or use it for protection from cold weather, and the boys also have the freedom to wear what they want. Overall, this reform represents a step forward in promoting confidence and personal expression among students in Mexico City’s educational institutions.

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