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Scientist Discovers Another Cause Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Scientist Discovers Another Cause Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Researchers investigated and found new and unusual causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), according to a study published in the Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology. The study includes the biological abnormalities in the bodies of 70 infants who died from SIDS. 

Sudden infant death syndrome is a condition in which healthy babies die during sleeping just before their first birthday. There are 103 post-neonatal fatalities in the United States for every 100,000 live births.

In this research, researchers found abnormalities in the 2A/C serotonin receptors in the infant’s bodies. These receptors are responsible for protective sleep function, and abnormality in these receptors can cause problems.  

The researchers believe that SIDS results from a combination of the abnormal receptor, developmental timings, and external stressors. SIDS will affect infants when their cardio-respiratory system is not fully developed, and they have biological abnormalities or sleep behavior that creates external stress. 

In the majority of SIDS cases, the study identifies some abnormalities in the 2A/C receptor of serotonin. However scientists know about abnormalities, but they haven’t figured out the relationship between these abnormalities and the death of infants.  

More research is needed to find the reasons for these abnormalities within a large network of serotonin and non-serotonin receptors that protect vital cardiac and respiratory control functions. 

There are no means to identify infants with biological abnormalities in the serotonergic system, so adhering to safe-sleep practices remains crucial. To prevent this disease, the health ministry gives a proper guide to parents and recommends some important steps to follow for safety. 

  1.  The baby’s sleep area should be free of pillows and toys, and the baby’s head should remain uncovered.
  2. Infants should sleep in their parent’s room until they are six months old.
  3. It recommends placing babies on their backs to sleep on a firm mattress with a seal of approval.
  4. The room temperature should be maintained at 22-23 degrees Celsius.
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