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SpaceX launches Former Astronaut & 3 Paying Customers

SpaceX launches Former Astronaut & 3 Paying Customers

SpaceX’s Historic Journey: Former Astronaut & 3 Paying Customers for Orbit

SpaceX is preparing for a launch of a mission called AX-2 to the International Space Station (ISS) with four-passenger, including three paying customers, The mission is organized by Axiom and is the second private mission to ISS. Rayyanah Barnawi will become the first women in Saudi Arabia to travel to space which is a stem cell researcher. 

The launch is scheduled from NASA’s Kennedy space center in Florida. Weather conditions will be closely monitored to successfully launch the mission as Florida enters the season with daily thunderstorms.

If the launch of the mission is delayed on Sunday, the possibility is that it is again scheduled on Monday. However, weather conditions are not favorable for the mission.

Ax–2 mission encourages private sectors to participate in spacelight, especially in Low Earth orbit where ISS is located. Peggy Whitson will lead the crew, the former NASA astronaut and the first woman to command a private flight. The other three passengers are John Shoffner, an American businessman, and two Saudi citizens, Barnawi and Ali AlQarni, a fighter pilot.

The Crew Dragon capsule docked with ISS on Monday, and the passengers will join the seven-astronaut team that is already on board after some time. The AX-2 crew spent eight days on the space station and did some important research work on conducting various scientific experiments, including stem cell and biomedical research.

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