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Steve Stricker’s Astonishing Feat: Surpassing Tiger Woods and Shattering Records

Steve Stricker's Astonishing Feat: Surpassing Tiger Woods and Shattering Records

Tiger Woods was a most graceful golf player during the years 2000 and 2001; he had a great impact on golf with his performances which stunned the world. He scored 52 rounds as par by winning consecutively four majors in the golf championship. It is a famous saying that records are made for someone who breaks them sooner or later.

Now the record that was named previously to Tiger Woods is snatched by Steve Stricker. He is not known for winning majors, but he achieved a great victory by striking the set 7-65 as par in his home conditions of state Wisconsin in the American Family Insurance Championship. Previously he made 53 rounds as par in the PGA Tour.

Steve further said that he had no idea about his record, but he had this importance in his mind of passing the record made by Tiger Woods in these types of tournaments. He further said that he has this preference that he wants this win in the regular tournament, not the championship.

Steve is considered a consistent player in the tournament without winning any majors, which helps to lead him to his victory. He won two major championships in the champion tour, the Senior PGA Championship, and three regular matches. He added in his briefing that he is enjoying breaking the record of Tiger Woods.

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