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Stroke Awareness: Younger Generation At Higher Risk 

Stroke Awareness Younger Generation At Higher Risk 

You have noticed a concerning rise in the number of strokes in the younger generation. The rise in stroke provokes doctors and researchers to seek answers and explore prominent causes of the infected heap. May is the month of stroke awareness, and it acts as a reminder to educate ourselves about strokes and their probable risk factors.

We came across one such case of Daniel Gainer, who was affected by this problem at 29; his wife, Denisha, recalls how he suddenly got a stroke after complaining about a severe headache following Thanksgiving.

He suddenly gets a brain bleed, and despite the major efforts of medical professionals at HCA Houston Healthcare, his important organs begin to fail. However, Mohammed El-Ghanem, who is his doctor, expresses his initial concerns about the chances of Daniel’s survival. But the medical team was able to stop the brain bleeding and reverse the process so that Gainer gets a fighting chance and is hopeful to be healthy and recover from a stroke.

In recent years, we see many incidents of strokes under the age of 50 have been steadily increasing, increasing the risk of death and creating an alarming situation. Tracie Morden, from the American Heart and Stroke Association, states that about 15% of all strokes are shown in an age before 50, and Dr. El-Ghanem believes that an unhealthy lifestyle could be the major cause of stroke among younger people. 

Factors such as lack of exercise and daily jobs play a major role. As May is the month of stroke awareness, we should be aware of warning signs and keep others updated about the symptoms, such as arm weakness, speech difficulty, and facial drooping. Maintaining a balanced diet and regular checkups reduces the risk f strokes among the younger generation.

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