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Suburban Train To AIFA: Government Decided To Expropriate Land

Suburban Train To AIFA: Government Decided To Expropriate Land

The federal government announced the expropriation of privately owned land in the municipalities of Tultitlán, Tultepec, and Nextlalpan in the State of Mexico. It is published in an official decree in the official Gazette. 

The expropriation aims to construct Centers of Modal Transfer for Line 1 of the Suburban Train, connecting to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport. Furthermore, the publication emphasizes that 113,838 square meters of land, including existing constructions and installations, are expropriated for public utility. 

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation take possession of the assets subject to expropriation. The main aim of expropriation is to expand the Suburban Train from Lechería to Santa Lucía to provide efficient and safe transport to the passengers to and from the airport.

The expansion of the Suburban Train project is started to improve connectivity and reduce the cost and travel time of the passengers commuting between the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico and the airport.

This electrical transportation project will also help avoid accidents and environmental pollution, and another aim of this project is to promote urban development and increase social well-being for local residents of the regions.

The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transport will compensate the individuals who can prove their legitimate rights for expropriation properties. Moreover, the compensation amount given to them is based on appraisals conducted by the Institute of Administration and Appraisals of National Assets.

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