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The Countdown Begins: Morena Council Set to Reveal Presidential Candidate

The Countdown Begins: Morena Council Set to Reveal Presidential Candidate

The 6th of September, on Wednesday, is the date when the Council of Marina, a political party, has come to a conclusion in the shape of an agreement on the party’s internal polling for presidential candidates. It is finalized that an individual who takes away this poll is assigned this duty as the Coordinator of Defense of Transformation. The party has made rules and guidelines for selecting the firms for polling day, party members, and contestants’ behaviors throughout the whole contest act.

Transparency and Authority in Selection Process

The president of the Council of Morena, Alfonso Durazo, expressed that each contestant has an option of two polling firms to select as they have done nothing much in making controversial results in any previous electoral process. It is also stated that if a proposal comes, then we have an option of a lottery. Where four firms will be selected for the task, and the fifth firm will be Morina Survey Commission.

This commission is the last and final authority, and its decision cannot be challenged and irreversible, and no one can go into the appeal process. This authority is responsible for every act, like sample sizing, drafting, and questionnaire.

The contestants and the public have shown great anticipation and interest in the polls arranged by Morina to select the presidential candidate for the 2024 elections in Mexico. The Council of Marina has strongly established that transparency should be maintained during this internal poll.

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