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Threads Hits Mexico: Zuckerberg’s Answer to Musk’s Twitter

Threads Hits Mexico: Zuckerberg's Answer to Musk's Twitter

“Threads,” a very known and famous social platform of Mark Zuckerberg, has clinched its claws in Mexico City, which opened up the grounds for confrontation with a social network called Twitter by Elon Musk. Meta, recently known as the shadow company of Threads, has announced it as the substitute for Twitter, which can match up at some point with that Musk’s statement of limiting its Twitter posting capability.

Uniting Visual Inspiration with Twitter-like Dialogue for a New Social Experience

As it is described that the main focus of this app, Threads is its dialogue and text, which have the inspiration from that of Instagram’s stress on visual content but unify the similar pattern which Twitter possesses that allows the users to share the content of their choice, which can be transmitted in any form like videos, images, links, and texts. The active pub protocol is used in this app and incorporated into other social media apps like Mastodon.

To step into this app, use the account of instagram which already exists with the same username and verified status, as it allows you to make changes in your profile, especially for this network. Threads not only have the capability to discover something new in content but also provide a chance for its users to follow those accounts which have already been followed on Instagram.

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