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Tigres Stadium Land Gets Concession Approval By Comission

Tigres Stadium Land Gets Concession Approval By Comission

The local congress has approved the order to construct the New University Stadium in Monterrey, a city in Mexico. The 45 hectares plot is granted as part of the project to the company that will initiate this stadium construction. 

The land which is granted is located beside the university stadium, which is taken on a lease that can be extended for 15 years afterwards. The central campus of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon is selected for construction of the stadium. On the special request of Governor Samuel Garcia Rodriguez, the concession is given to Juego de Pelota Mexico APIde CV. 

The expectations are very high, and this new stadium construction is expected to be the most lavish and modern one in Latin America. The investors and builders have not disclosed the date yet. The capacity goes to 65000 spectators, and the cost comes to construct NEU is approximately 8.2 billion pesos. 

This stadium also has space for offices, sports activities, and hotel purposes, and more than 7000 vehicles can easily be parked. Governor announced that this stadium could host NFL football games in the future. This statement comes when Tigres stamp their eighth championship victory in Mexican Soccer.

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