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Diamond And Silk Net Worth: What Makes Them Famous And Wealthy

Diamond and Silk net worth

Do you know who Diamond and Silk are? The community who knows them also wants to know about their personal life and how they became popular quickly. The community is eager to know the Diamond and Silk net worth source. Those who want to know should read this article to understand better the strategies they derived for their income.

Who are Diamond and Silk?

These sisters are famous on the Fox Nation channel as hosts in the United States. They are also getting enormous fame because of their political thinking and decisions. They are known for their video blogging as both are social media stars. Their true identities are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson. They gained fame for being the biggest supporters of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America. Diamond and Silk also support him other than his election campaign. They came into the spotlight in the 2016 campaign when their presence on Facebook was observed as “Unsafe for the community,” a warning from Facebook concerned authorities.

Diamond and Silk blamed the Facebook authorities for blocking and censoring them on Facebook. Rep, Steve King, announced we are giving Diamond and Silk a chance by sending a summon. He said it’s up to them to prove themselves innocent before Congress for their censorship in April 2018. Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson confronted the allegations made against them by Mark Zuckerberg, which were presented by a Congressman from the Republican party.

Diamond and Silk Career Details

They eventually stepped into the political career with the resounding support of the Democrats in 2012. Their first video depicts police brutality, and another video mainly represents the topic of Color discrimination titled “Black Lives Matter.” After the release of the previous video, a new viral sensation emerged featuring a remarkable black woman named Sandra Bland. The video has captivated audiences worldwide and is spreading rapidly across social media platforms. From their first video, they got 17,000 views and 32,000 from the second, respectively. These videos became the reason for their confidence booster, and immediately after this, they posted many other videos which showed great support towards Donald Trump, former President of the United States Of America.

That was when they started to appear on television shows depicting politics, as both were in great morale and zeal. Subsequently, they enthusiastically support the rallies behind the Democratic party, expressing their huge and unconditional support. This raised the question: Were they attempting to gain favor by making a statement that showcased their backing for Donald Trump? Shortly thereafter, they shifted gears and began appearing at political rallies in Biloxi and Raleigh, North Carolina, to show their support for Donald Trump.

Diamond and Silk Controversy on Social Media 

Before they violated Twitter’s policies and sanctions, Diamond and Silk were already under scrutiny and subject to social media restrictions. Numerous prominent groups made allegations against them. They faced significant backlash and insults when they testified about discrimination and censorship related to their support for Donald Trump.

Diamond and Silk firmly believe that their posts are censored to ensure safety. However, Mark Zuckerberg countered their claims by stating that the actions taken were simply a systematic response to their posted content, ultimately leading to the breach of Twitter’s policies. He further said that “in that specific case,” our team has made an implementation error. That is why they were in touch with them to reverse the scenario.

Diamond and Silk Fox News Controversy 

Both sisters were fired from Fox News in 2019 in the controversy of spreading some odd news related pandemic Covid 19. Before this, they were part of Fox News in 2018. They offered to go on live streams and make social issues part of their discussion. On the whole, it was a mistake or bad luck that both of them did. Their bright future dropped down to a below-degree level.

Diamond and Silk Net Worth

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson knew how to engage social media, so their published content went viral within a few minutes. As per the information, Diamond and Silk net worth was between $5 million in 2012-2022, which is a huge success. They were doing this only for money-making purposes, so they didn’t restrain themselves from doing this. But they also went to some other sources of income point of view.

Money making Ideas

Diamond and silk net worth depict their successful money-making strategies. Both of them knew politics and marketing, so they made strategies to earn the necessities of their life every year. So, in this article, we will focus on the money-making strategies of the Diamond and Silk.

  • Previously, they worked from the platform of Fox News, and at present, they are conducting a show on NewsMax tv with the name Diamond and Silk Crystal Clear.
  • Diamond and Silk have written a book on the topic of uprising youth. After this, they wrote the book Who The Hell Said You Can’t Watch Ditch and Switch? The awakening of Diamond and Silk back in 2020. This book covered all the major topics related to political overview, politics, and savage against the black race in the US. The copies of this book sold by leaps and bounds. This fact depicts how much talented both of them are and their political graph.
  • One of the reasons for their fame is video blogging, so they got enormous fame in social circles.
  • The main reason for their fame is that they participate actively in politics, where they represented their Republican party (Since 2015-present)and raised their voices for Donald Trump.
  • They became part of Fox Channel News, conducting many famous shows. That is why they are called Television stars.
  • They used social media accounts and websites to advertise and promote the brands.
  • To go live with them, an individual had to pay $50. If someone wants their company at dinner or a photograph, it costs $150.


How much is Diamond and Silk net worth?

According to some sources of information and estimate, Diamond and Silk net worth is $3 to $ 5 million.

What business did Diamond and Silk start in their career beginning?

Diamond and Silk started their business as Diamond and Silk LLC. In which they sold books, merchandise, and some relevant courses for the students


Diamonds and Silk are the attraction of Social media and are known as the great supporters of Donald Trump. The whole career of Diamond and Silk depicts the controversies on social media and politics. This duo has derived a lot of strategies for money-making throughout their career. But after all this, now they are running a business. Diamond and Silk net worth is $5 million, proving their hard work, determination, and commitment to their cause.

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